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Managing Meaningful Use (MU) is crucial for clinics. InPracSys takes the work out by embedding MU and CQM/PQRS into your workflow.

CQM/PQRS and Meaningful Use Embedded

Clinical Quality Measures

InPracSys is committed to helping our customers achieve CQM and PQRS measures effortlessly.

CQM (Clinical Quality Measures) and PRQS (Physician Quality Reporting System) are CMS mandated quality programs that allow qualifying providers to receive additional incentive payments. As of 2014, the PQRS and CQM reporting programs have aligned.

InPracSys has taken advantage of this program merger by embedding CQM and PQRS measures within our EHR workflow, so they are automatically triggered.

Clinical Quality Measures Overview (2014 and 2015):

  •  CQM requirements are no longer associated with a stage of Meaningful Use, but rather the year you are reporting

  • Stage 1 providers who report in 2014 must report on the new set of CQMs

  • Stage 1 EPs and Stage 2 EPs report CQMs the same way

  • CQMs are not a formal measure, but must be reported to receive incentive payments


Now the same set of measures and electronic reporting method will be used for multiple CMS programs.  PQRS and Meaningful Use CQM programs will align beginning in 2014. This alignment will help Meaningful Use 2014 EPs to avoid PQRS penalties.  In 2014, CQM/PQRS must be reported for a full year and Meaningful Use for 3 months.

CQM Reporting Choices

You have options: PQRS is a one-year program, while Meaningful Use 2 is just 3 months. Inform your decision with this additional information:

  •  Providers have the option to electronically report their CQM data for all of 2014, to claim credit for both the Medicare EHR Incentive Program and PQRS

  • Those who choose to submit electronically will upload their CQM data as an electronic file

  • Providers will not qualify for incentive payments until they have submitted their CQMs

  • Providers who do not successfully submit CQM/PQRS data for 2014 will be subject to a negative payment adjustment (aka penalty)


Despite the stiffness and complexity of these Meaningful Use programs, they're quite easy to execute with InPracSys, regardless of the CQM/PQRS you choose.  For example, if a provider elects to report on CMS134v1, i.e. Diabetes: Urine Protein Screening, InPracSys EHR already has this feature enabled and embedded within patient urine studies. The software calculates CQM/PQRS data automatically, with no extra clicks.

Many other CQM/PQRS elements are built into the InPracSys EHR, making it easy to handle the complexities of Meaningful Use.


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