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Data mining

Answers at the speed of thought!

InPracSys Data mining tools allow clinics to...

... visualize their data at any time, on their own, with or without any help.

Lack of access to data, or access with difficulty prevents clinics from achieving business and treatment goals from clinical trial enrollment to therapy pathways, outcome analysis, value based payments, contracts. Most EHRs are designed with data entry in mind, and not for efficient reporting, speed, cleansing and removal of bias and analysis.

Designed with data analytics at its core, the InPracSys data mining solution allows clinics access to data that has been granulated, de-biased and correlated. It also runs efficiently so that reports for 500,000 patients, on 10 to 12 metrics can be run in a few minutes.

A broad array of potential value propositions and new revenue becomes available to clinics that deploy such advanced tools. Reach out to us to learn more about our data mining solution, and we’ll show you how it can improve your bottom-line.

Here is an example. Contract negotiation with a payer generally increases re-imbursement 1-2% based on number of patients you see from that payer, and that adds between $8,000-$10,000 or more per payer per year. That is the hidden power of your data that our software helps you leverage.

  1. Wide ranging data options
  2. Anytime access
  3. Do-It-Yourself ability
  4. Fast and efficient
  5. Great value
    1. Add new revenue
    2. Track outcomes
    3. Manage contracts with data
    4. Handle Value based payments easily

Better data ... better decisions ... better care