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EHR Software Costs and Limitations


The InPracSys EHR V 9.0 Complete EHR/Health IT Module has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. InPracSys EHR V9.0 does not require additional ongoing monthly costs beyond the contracted price, which includes a setup fee and a regular monthly license charge.

The application license fee is charged on a “per provider” basis and can accommodate an unlimited number of non-provider clinical staff at no extra charge. The application is cloud-based; there are no additional restrictions on installation and/or utilization, unless additional support or custom development is required. The only hardware that is required to access and use the InPracSys application is a computer and steady internet connection.

The application is certified to send and receive data from certain public health registries, entities that are part of the Direct Trust network, and eRx providers. There will be no additional charge for enabling direct messaging, and e-prescribing capabilities.

Contractual limitations

InPracSys clients are required to sign binding contracts, which are generally 3-5 years long, but specific lengths, and provisions, are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Technical Limitations

InPracSys EHR has established securing messaging through the Direct Trust network can transmit data to entities within that network. InPracSys can also guarantee that it will be able to send data to HISPs outside the Direct Trust network in a manner that meets the requirements of Meaningful Use as long as certified by CMS and other contracting bodies to accept such data.


InPracSys EHR prides itself in transparency. Our disclosure statement is located here in accordance with the CMS mandatory disclosure requirements applicable to CEHRTs

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