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About InPracSys

Drawing from our vast experience in medicine and information technology, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art EHR that can help any clinic excel.

Founded by Doctors

Ashu KatariaPresident

Ashu Kataria - President of InPracSys

With an extensive background in medicine and clinical research, as well as information technology, Dr. Ashu Kataria is the ideal president to lead InPracSys. Knowing first-hand the challenges doctors face in their daily work, Dr. Kataria founded InPracSys with the underlying philosophy that technological innovations should always be employed to streamline clinical work and ultimately further the quality of patient care and clinical service.

Our Mission

To help you leverage technology to deliver the best case to every patient, every time.

At InPracSys we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the most reliable EHR solutions to help mprove clinic efficiency and profitability.

We continually communicate with and learn from our customers, in order to improve our products and services. We also stay on top of today and tomorrow’s technology, no matter how fast it evolves, and ensure our customers always have the best tools available to them.

The InPracSys Advantage

With the providers’ workflow foremost in mind, we have created an efficient, easy-to-use EHR that is highly customizable to any clinic’s specific needs.

InPracSys EHR is supported by a friendly, responsive customer service team consistently praised and appreciated by our clients. For any support needs, you can always expect to speak to a human rather than be transferred to an automated line.

Continuous innovation is crucial to InPracSys, so we constantly use the latest technology to create new products that help us reach our goal of helping our customers excel.

Better data ... better decisions ... better care