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Fast Charting

Complete documentation at the speed of thought!

Many EMRs have templates. Some have 100s ...

Others have 1000s. Some are even designed by urologists.

But only usable and user-centric templates count.

Problem: Charting takes too much time and I cant afford to lose production and pay for the EMR.

Solution: InPracSys with FastChartTM is easy to use, we help providers individualize the application and the templates it in a few minutes at set up and it saves time every day.

No you wont need special IT training in making temples. InPracSys templates set up in 30 secs to 2 mins depending on complexity and using them is 2 to 4 clicks and hardly ever does it take more than 18 secs per case.

Process: User centric design that includes customizability and where required user level customizability is key to fast charting that has allows InPracSys to excel in its sphere/field. After user centric design, its use of agile technologies in the design process that allows the software to upgrade with newer technology.

Value: InPracSys clients typically experience an increase in production between 8-11%.

Action: Click here and we will show you how a 6 physician urology group went from seeing 36 to 39 patients per provider per day and how long it took a clinic in Illinois to go paperless.

  1. Problem: EMRs slow clinics down and cost production
  2. Solution: Well designed solutions not only offset this problem but they also enhance patient care, experience and satisfaction
  3. Process: Custom solutions that mirror clinics workflow
  4. Value: Adds 8-11% in production and enables new revenue

Better data ... better decisions ... better care